Unique CFP Financial Planner – Aeran

Aeran ensures the best long-term outcomes for injured people and their families. We are fully independent and provide financial advice meeting the highest standards of professionalism.

Our clients have a disability resulting from an accident. Many are children, many have a brain injury. Some are in remote locations and in difficult family circumstances. They have received a substantial settlement which must be carefully managed to provide them with care and support for the rest of their lives.

We are committed to our clients. We work actively with their trustees, occupational therapists and lawyers to help them.

When preparing advice documents for our clients, we work to a quality standard, not a time or cost standard. Our partner companies and others have told us that our plans are the best in the industry.

Our culture is open, friendly, responsive, hard working and respectful of all. We use the latest technology to enable flexible working hours and genuine work/life balance for our team. Our clients are located Australia-wide and our advisers travel to their homes to visit them, so most of our work requires us to collaborate remotely. We understand the value of processes and procedures and look to constantly document and improve what we do.

Our investment approach is straightforward – we value strategy, careful asset allocation, low fees and long-term thinking. We do not accept commissions and do not have any financial relationships with product providers. We have no conflicts of interest.

The role and you
You are a CFP-qualified adviser who is looking for a role where you can be proud of what you do every day, doing the right thing by your clients every time without any sales pressure or new business targets. You want to be well supported by excellent paraplanners and admin staff so that you can devote your time to your clients.

You will service a book of approximately 100 NSW, primarily Sydney-region clients, driving to visit approximately 80 in person in their home each year. You will lead a comprehensive review of each client each year, and will respond quickly and expertly to their needs and the queries of their family, their trustees, lawyers and occupational therapists.

You will be a full-time, flexible-hours team member, working primarily from home. Client meetings that are not at the client’s home will be held in our city and regional offices. While you will have control over your exact working hours, you will need to be highly responsive, able to take calls and respond to emails at most times.

If, after establishing yourself, you wish to service additional clients, or become involved in working with our principal in advising new clients, this option will be available for you and will result in increased remuneration.

You will use your strong numerical, English and Xplan skills to lead the creation of impeccable advice documents. You understand that your work will be subject to multiple levels of review – both internal and external, and you welcome this.

You are comfortable with technology. When you don’t know something, you use the internet and other resources to quickly find an answer. You are proficient with Xplan, Word and Excel and familiar with using tools like Skype and screen sharing software to collaborate remotely. You will work with our internal and external resources to suggest improvements to our Xplan configuration, templates and processes as we continually improve efficiency, consistency and quality.

How to apply
Like any unique opportunity, this will require some effort to be successful. In order for your application to be considered, you will need to:

Apply through Seek, although you may email questions (but not applications) to andrew.campbell@aeran.com
Attach your CV.
Visit our web site and read the content there.
Include a paragraph in your application suggesting an improvement to our web site.
Include a paragraph in your application about working from home – how will you stay productive? What will this mean to you?
Include a copy of a plan that you have written that you are proud of (no identifying information, of course).
Shortlisted applicants will have the opportunity to talk to our existing team members to further understand Aeran and the role.

Questions via email (but applications through Seek) to our Managing Director, Andrew at andrew.campbell@aeran.com.

No agencies please. Direct applicants only.